Winners of the 2022 Tikkanen Prize

We’re delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 Paul & Norma Tikkanen Painting Prize! Saturday night’s reception was a great event celebrating some truly phenomenal creative talent from northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania artists.

Congratulations to this year’s winners and final-round entrants — we look forward to next year’s competition.

First Place Realism: Ewuresi Archer, “MADAM”

First Place Abstract: Susan Squires, “reflection”

Second Place Realism: Elisa Albrecht, “Spark”

Second Place Abstract: Phillip Buntin, “Narrow Bands Divide Us, Fall Away”

Honorable Mentions:

Judy Takacs, “Trust Women”

David A. Leas, “Untitled”

Alison Stinely, “Conglomerate V”

Leigh Brooklyn, “We Have Come to Save You”

Rebecca Kaler, “The Lake Series #2”

Mathew Kolodziej, “Vessel”

The Tikkanen Prize exhibit will be on display through October 31. Our gallery is open Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-9 p.m., Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m., as well as before shows and during intermission. Admission to the gallery is free.

Accepted work for “Plein Aire” exhibit

Accepted art for the 2021 Ashtabula Art Center Plein Aire Juried Art Show:

Dee Riley – “Riley’s Pond”

Dominic Keim – “The Fourth Window,” “Meadow Waves,” “Into the Apple Tree”

Laura Dressler – “Chapin Forest,” “Indiana Barn,” “Black Dog Bookstore”

Glenn Morisue – “Skyscape #1,” “Skyscape #2,” “Skyscape #3”

Nancy Nelson-Brotz – “Luvin Lavender Field,” “Red Glads By My Back Door,” “Windswept, Wright Memorial Grounds OBX”

Robin Borer – “Hells Hollow,” “Nelson’s Ledges,” “View from Harpersfield Bridge”

Rosemary K. Bennett – “Creek Road Kayaks,” “Conneaut Harbor- Another Viewpoint,” “Conneaut Creek/Mill St. Bridge”

Ralph Bacon – “Ashtabula River Bend,” “‘Bula River Cliff,” “The Home Creek Bed”

Winners of 2021 Women’s Show

Congratulations to the artists whose work placed in this year’s women’s exhibit. The juror for the show was Lisa Burroughs. Lisa is an artist, a fine art photographer, and a filmmaker. She has worked as Creative Photography Director of Newsweek and Lear’s Magazine in NY. She has served as an adjunct professor at John Carroll and Kent State. In her juror’s statement, Burroughs commented, “It was a pleasure to judge the Women’s Show at the Arts Center this year. The work was fresh and mature at the same time. Each artist demonstrated an aesthetic or a point of view that resonated with what it means to be a woman in 2021. Congratulations to each artist for what they accomplished whether they placed or not. The exhibition is worth a visit to see the work in person.”
The gallery is open to the public Monday-Thursday from noon-8 p.m., Friday by appointment, and Saturday from 9 a.m.- noon, and admission is free. You can also view the exhibit virtually here:
Best in Show: “Clock Maker’s Daughter” by Juniper Mainelis
Painting – First Place: “Spring on Main” by Julene Schwartz
Painting – Second Place: “Oh, Joan” by Judy Campbell
Painting – Third Place: “Cora with Hydrangeas” by Ann Dumont
Painting – Honorable Mention: “Quilters Relay History” by Jeanne King Maleckar
Photography – First Place: “Always Room for Advice” by Cheryl Brickman
Graphics – First Place: “I’m Turning 35” by Cheryl Brickman
Graphics – Second Place: “Treeline” by Nancy Nelson-Brotz
Graphics – Third Place: “Women Voting” by Joe Ann Blair
3D – First Place: “Guardian” by Rebecca Stowell
3D – Second Place: “Kali – Destruction & Transformation” by Anzietta DiPierro
3D – Third Place: “Safe and Sound” by Rebecca Stowell
3D – Honorable Mention: “Moonstone Ring” by Diane Montagino
Fiber – First Place: “Fly Away” by Mattie Dramis
Fiber- Second Place: “Water Lillies” by Nancy Nelson-Brotz
Mixed Media – First Place: “Circles” by Nancy Nelson-Brotz
Mixed Media – Second Place: “Pilated Woodpeckers” by Tracy Zakraysek

Accepted artwork for 2021 Women’s Show

Congratulations to the amazing women artists accepted to the 2021 Women’s Show. Your talent is amazing and thank you for sharing your artwork with us.
The show will be jurored for awards on Wednesday March 3rd 2021. We will post award winners to our website.
The gallery is open to the public Monday-Thursday, noon-8p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m.-noon. Visits on Friday can be arranged by appointment; call (440) 964-3396. Admission to the gallery is free.
1.Diane Fleisch Hughes
2.Tracy Zakraysek
Pileated Woodpeckers
3. Julie Cook
Dancing Petals
4. Melissa Hladek
5. Jeanne King Maleckar
Maggie: PM
Quilters Relay History
6. Joe Anne Blair
Women Voting
Gift box and Framed Patches
7. Diana Montagino
Moonstone Ring
Labradorite Necklace
Butterfly Necklace
8. Megan Stover
17 Years
9. Char Lehto
Spring Blue Jay
10. Marlene Sartini
11. Julene Schwartz
Spring on Main
12. Mattie Dramis
El Purpura De Ca Rosa
Fly Away
13. Linda Janoski
Flower Fireworks
14. Amy Edixon
Sunset at Netcher
They All Matter
15. Mardi Snyder
Women Lighting the World
16. Cheryl Brickman
Mother Earth
I’m Turning 35!
Always Room for Advice
17. Nancy Nelson-Brotz
18. Juniper Mainelis
The Clockmaker’s Daughter
The Spirit Of the Wild
Hydra’s Flare
19. Judy Campbell
She Put on her Gloves
Oh Joan!
Jeremy Osburn
20. Joan Chapman
Country Living
The Stone Cottage
The Pack
21. Kathern Hudson
From Darkness Comes Growth
22. Susan Phillips
In a Nutshell
The People of Planet Earth are Sick
23.  Emily Sprague
The Erie Deep
24. Ann Dumont
Cora with Hydrangeas
25. Valerie R. Gale
By The Pond
26. Anzietta Dipierro
Saraswati – Wisdom
Saraswati – Enlightenment
Kali – Destruction and Transformation
27. Rebecca Stowell
Safe and Sound

drop off art for February exhibit through Saturday, January 30th.

If you are planning to submit artwork for the “Art in Isolation” exhibit, you have until Saturday to drop it off — if you don’t want to brave the snow today, you can wait until tomorrow or Saturday. We are closed to the public on Friday, but if you call us today at (440) 964-3396, we can set up a time for you drop off tomorrow. Saturday you can drop off between 9 a.m. & 1 p.m.

Accepted artists and winners in “Hope in Artistry”

Accepted Artists:
Candace Barr
Julie Cook
Michael DiFranco
Mattie Dramis
Sharon Dundee
Angel Kaiser
Dani Klein
Jim Loomis
Nancy Nelson-Brotz
Bridget Sherman
Mardi Snyder

Best in Show: Candace Barr – “Hope for an Early Spring” (acrylic on canvas, $350)

First Place: Mattie Dramis – “Everybody Hurts” (batik, $150)

Second Place: Bridget Sherman – “Altered Perception” (digital photography printed on canvas, altered with acrylic paints and glitter, NFS)

Third Place: Jim Loomis – “Enso It Grows” (porcelain, NFS)

Honorable Mention: Mardi Snyder – “Young” (acrylic on canvas, $100)

Call for artists for November exhibit: “Hope in Artistry”

The Ashtabula County Suicide Prevention Coalition and the Ashtabula County LOSS Team, in collaboration with the Ashtabula Arts Center, are seeking art submissions for the fourth annual suicide awareness and prevention show, “Hope in Artistry,” which will be on display in our gallery in November. This is a great opportunity for artists in Ashtabula County and Northeast Ohio to show your work, support survivors of suicide, reduce stigma, and raise awareness to help prevent suicide.

Find details and submission instructions in the application: Hope in Artistry 2020 artist application

KeyBank virtual learning scholarships available

We are very excited about this news! Thanks to a $5000 sponsorship from KeyBank Ashtabula supporting virtual learning, we are now able to offer scholarships for our virtual classes. This includes our current virtual offerings, and those that will be coming in our fall schedule (and possibly beyond). This sponsorship allows us to help those in our community who want to take part in virtual arts learning, but have faced financial difficulty during the COVID pandemic.

Aanyone registering for virtual classes can take advantage of this scholarship program. When you visit our website to sign up for a virtual class, you’ll see two options at checkout: “Tuition Cost” and “KeyBank Sponsored Scholarship.” If you are able to support us by paying the regular tuition cost, we’re very appreciative. If the scholarship option will help your family out, just select it at checkout, and the cost of the class or workshop will be covered. That’s all there is to it — no application, no process to qualify. If you need it, use it. We’ll make this option available for virtual classes as long as there are scholarship funds remaining. You can find our virtual classes here. This list will be expanded when our fall schedule of classes is set; those classes will be posted online in early August.

Many thanks to KeyBank for this sponsorship!