The Fairy Door Project

The Fairy Door Project

The Fairy Door Project is is a community art project led by the Ashtabula Arts Center and inspired by the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Local artists have created one-of-a-kind fairy doors – tiny, whimsical entryways installed at local businesses and organizations. Ashtabula County residents and visitors can explore and discover each stop on the fairy door trail.

Where to Find the Fairy Doors

Click on the map below to find the locations of all the doors (and check back regularly to see the latest places the fairies have moved in!)

The Doors & Their Inhabitants

The Sugar Plum Fairy

Ashtabula Arts Center
2928 W. 13th Street, Ashtabula

“Don’t be afraid to leap!” the Sugar Plum Fairy whispers, perching on your shoulder when the butterflies in your stomach start to flutter; “Now is your time to shine!” She comes to us as we brace ourselves and draw a breath to face a challenge: when we’re about to take the stage, make a speech, or dive into deep water, reminding us that we can all dance if we just follow the music, and that sweet things await us when we dare and dream.

The Fairy of Wind & Water

Ultimate Appearance Salon
4702 Main Ave, Ashtabula

The Fairy of Wind and Water is as free and fluid as a river, always moving, her reflection always showing something different. “Change it up!” she tells us. “Try something new! Life is too short to sit still, to wear the same colors, to stay in the same place. Spirits and water both go stagnant if they aren’t allowed to flow.” She is the fairy who drives us to travel, to try a new look or hobby, to learn a new language, tugging at us with the tide and the current until our feet and minds move forward.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

Marianne’s Chocolates
1038 Bridge Street, Ashtabula

“Everyone needs to enjoy something sweet and silly once in a while,” says the Sweet Tooth Fairy. “Remember to eat dessert after your vegetables! Did you sing along with the radio today? When was the last time you laughed?” She shoos away our guilt when we indulge in something just for us, setting our to-do list aside for a treat.

The Maker Fairy

Bridge Street Artworks
1009 Bridge Street, Ashtabula

“Create something today,” the Maker Fairy urges, busy in her workshop. “Plant a seed, write a poem, paint a picture. Throw a pebble in a pond to see how far the ripples go. The world is waiting for you to change it.” We all have creativity in us, waiting to blossom. The maker fairy stirs the urge to reach for a pen, a paintbrush, a camera – to use our hands and imaginations to bring something new into being.

The Fairy of Home and Hearth

Carlisle’s Home in the Harbor
1005 Bridge Street, Ashtabula

“Is there anything better than being comfy in our own houses?” asks the Fairy of Home and Hearth. “A cozy nest, a snug shell, a room of one’s own. A shelter from the world when we need to hide away, and a place for the people and things we treasure and keep close.” She’s there in the quiet of settling into bed and the bustle of a busy kitchen, and the comfort of kicking off your shoes after a day at work or a long trip.

The Fairy of Memory

Framed on Main
4533 Main Ave., Ashtabula

“Moments dart here and away, quick as dragonflies,” says the Fairy of Memory. “They’re the flash of light on water and wings, bright and fleeting.” She reminds us that memories are more precious than gold, and should be treasured – in stories shared between friends, in ink on aging pages, in a frame on a wall we pass every day.

Serenity Fairies

Tony’s Dog House -temporarily closed
528 Lake Ave., Ashtabula

“Shhh,” little voices hush us, “fairies sleeping!” The fairies beyond this door tell us to lower our voices and listen to the sound of rain on the windows or bees in the garden, to enjoy the peace of a sleepy morning in bed or a drowsy afternoon nap, to call a friend we’ve missed or read just one more chapter. There are days when we can’t help but rush and hurry; sometimes we need to slow down, these fairies remind us, to stop, to breathe, to be still.

The Vibrant Fairy

Harbor Perk
1003 Bridge Street, Ashtabula

Blink and you’ll miss her – the Vibrant Fairy is a creature of energy and momentum, and she never slows down for long. “Drink up the sun and go!” she urges, propelling us into action. You’ll feel her tugging at you at the start of a day full of things to do, turning you towards your to-do list like she turns plants towards the sunlight.

The Fairy of Buried Treasure

Lake Erie Mermaid Arts
1317 Bridge Street, Ashtabula

“Just as a grain of sand becomes a pearl, a daydream can become a goal…a problem can become a solution…an idea can become an action.” The Fairy of Buried Treasure is at our side in those moments when something small and insignificant has the potential to grow into something luminous and valuable. Listen for her when a thought won’t let you go, or when you’re tempted to dismiss an idea as silly. It may only need time and layers to become a jewel.

The Mosaic Fairy

Ashtabula County YMCA
236 W. Prospect Rd., Ashtabula

The Mosaic Fairy loves to watch little pieces become a whole, helping many become one, cementing small, separate bright things into something strong and united. She’s drawn to places where things are being built or people are coming together.

Dewey the Library Fairy

Ashtabula County District Library
4335 Park Ave., Ashtabula

You may find Dewey the Library Fairy tucked away in the stacks of the library, having adventures in far away lands, learning something brand new or even, perhaps, learning something very old. As you skim the titles of books, if you listen very closely, you may just hear her whisper, “This one, right here…” She has very good recommendations.

The Frosting Fairy

The Bakery on Main
4608 Main Ave., Ashtabula

The mantra of the Frosting Fairy is “Adding something sweet never hurts.” Whether it’s ordering dessert after dinner or checking in on a friend who’s feeling low, urging us to spread a little extra sweetness is the Frosting Fairy’s specialty.

The Magpie Goblins

Fat Sally’s Warehouse
1569 Laird Dr., Ashtabula

The Magpie Goblins are collectors of all things left behind: old belongings, toys we’ve outgrown, paths not taken, moments we can’t quite recall. While they sometimes claim things we might like to keep, they also unburden us from things we no longer need or that are too heavy to carry forever, helping us to lay down old fears, regrets, or hurts. Whether we feel lighter or emptier after they visit depends on what has been taken away.

The Arbor Fairies

Ashtabula Arts Center
2928 W. 13th Street, Ashtabula

The Blizzard Fairy

Edgewood DQ
1723 E. Prospect Rd., Ashtabula

The Blizzard Fairy loves the chillier pleasures in life: eating ice cream, catching snowflakes on your tongue, or dipping your toes in cold water on a hot day. “Cool down,” she tells us, “get some fresh air,” whether we’re working hard and need a break, or getting heated up over something that has us stressed. “It’s good to chill out once in a while.”

The Firefly Fairies

Ashtabula Downtown KeyBank
4717 Main Ave., Ashtabula

The Pollinator Pixies

Sabo’s Woodside Nursery & Garden Center
7800 N. Ridge Rd., Madison

Along with protecting the bees, butterflies, and birds we all depend on, the Pollinator Pixies encourage us to help spread good things, whether it’s flowers and fruits or courage and kindness. “Nothing sweet can grow from bitter soil, so nurture the good in your garden,” they urge, “and scatter seeds where the ground is empty.”

The Fairy of Quietude

Shanti Yoga Love
27 Wall Street, Jefferson

The Sauna Tontuu

Finnish American Cultural Center
1330 W. 8th Street, Ashtabula

Mab the Dream Fairy

Halcyon Speakeasy
1119 Bridge Street, Ashtabula

The Upright Sprite

Geneva Chiropractic Clinic
1953 S. Broadway, Geneva

Library Fairy

Harbor-Topky Memorial Library
1633 Walnut Blvd., Ashtabula

The Radiant Fairy

Wall Street Coffee Company
52 N. Chestnut Street, Jefferson

Library Fairy Door

Henderson Memorial Public Library
54 E. Jefferson, Street, Jefferson

The Fix-It Fairy

The Refindary Vintage Market
39 S. Chestnut Street, Jefferson

The Friendship Fairy

Community Counseling Center
2801 C Court, Ashtabula