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Be A Part Of The Art!

The Ashtabula Arts Center both serves and depends on our community. Time and money donated, creative talent in our classrooms, on stage, and in our gallery, and audiences in our theaters are all essential to what we do. Learn about all the ways you can be a part of the art.

We’ve brought The Nutcracker to life every December for multiple generations to enjoy, and it’s the young, dedicated, local students and dauntless teachers committing their time and hard work in classes and rehearsals who make it possible. Every one of our theater productions takes hundreds of hours of work from actors, techies, costumers, set builders, directors, and musicians to bring entertainment to our G.B. and Straw Hat audiences. The cost of running the Arts Center grows each year. The budget for our 2017-18 fiscal year is nearly $750,000, with expenses including rights and royalties, sets, lighting and sound, costumes, utilities, technology, art supplies, building maintenance, salaries, teacher wages, and more. Ticket sales and tuition at affordable prices cover less than half of the annual budget for year-round performances and classes.

Whether you donate your time, money, or talent, you are vital to helping the Ashtabula Arts Center thrive.

Our Vision

Enriching lives and strengthening communities through visual and performing arts.

Our Mission

The Arts Center promotes artistic creativity, education and presentation for a collaborative, inclusive and vibrant cultural community. The Arts Center inspires and enriches participants, audiences and visitors alike.

Our Values

Treasuring each other is the responsibility of everyone associated with the Ashtabula Arts Center. Our core values drive our constant pursuit of institutional excellence. We strive to meet community needs and continually assess relevance of program offerings.


We value standing up and speaking out for the arts, in order to promote our vision and values.


Communicate in a positive, honest and productive manner within the organization and with our public.


We foster connection among our community members through a respectful and safe environment.


We infuse a culture of gratitude throughout our organization and to all who might contribute to our success.


We implement unique, creative and cost-effective solutions that advance our service to the community.


We adhere to the highest standards of ethics, stewardship and public trust, internally and externally.


We promote inclusiveness and impartiality in programming and services offered to the community, and within our organization.


We demonstrate a high regard for others and value the healthy exchange of ideas and opinions.

Personal Responsibility

We assume personal responsibility for organizational effectiveness. Take initiative to achieve results and accept responsibility.


We promote high performance through cooperative efforts, open communication, collective action and trust. Celebrate the contributions made from all levels and partners of the organization and community.