Thank you to our recent donors!

The board and staff of the Ashtabula Arts Center would like to thank our recent donors for their contributions to our annual fund drive. Some are people who have chosen this time to renew their gift, some are new donors, and some are those who have chosen to give an additional gift this year to help the Arts Center weather this difficult financial period.

During these uncertain times, these gifts are especially valuable.  Right now, the Ashtabula Arts Center is officially closed to the public and the core staff are working from home. There will come a time when we can safely reopen but we will most certainly face funding challenges in the coming months.  Our donors will help us preserve this wonderful organization and assist us as we navigate these difficult times.

If you would like to donate to the Arts Center, you can do so here.

Donors who have given since March 16:
Ashtabula Carpet Workroom
Paige Beach
Alan Block
Perry Boal
Paul & Toni Bodnar
John Breznai
Robert & Linda Callahan
Donna Cooper
Heather Denning
John & Candace Doherty
Paul & Catherine Findlay
Brant Gebhart
Bob & Lauren Godfrey
Nick Jammal & Lisa DeCato
Mary Howe
Stephen Kerekes
Linda Koob
Jean Lowery
Shawn Metzler
Judy Mudd
Marybeth Nassief
Pat & Sandy O’Brien
Anthony Platano
Dave, Lyn & Meadow Pontius
Linda Profant
Stephen Rhodes
Barbara & Gus Saikaly
Caitlin Santill
Harry Schwentker
Mardi Snyder
Cherie Stebner
Maryann Stevenson
Kathleen & Jeffrey Studer
Sandy & Ed Taylor
David Uthe
Christine Banks VanAllen
Samantha & Ryan VanBuren