Art in Isolation

Art in Isolation

Runs: Feb 1 - Feb 27, 2021

Art can heal, inspire, and bring us together. During this time of COVID-19, we find ourselves working in isolation, practicing social distancing, and finding alternative ways to connect. This juried show reflects the artists and their art responding to these unprecedented times while working in isolation during the pandemic.

Best in Show: “Solitary Celebration,” Nancy Baker

Painting – First Place: “Art on the Wall – Chris Davis,” Judy Campbell
Painting – Second Place: “Pieces of Herself,” Juniper Mainelis
Painting – Third Place: “Ashtabula at Blakeslee Run,” Ralph Bacon
Painting – Honorable Mention: “Solace Beneath the Surface,” Susan Snipes

Graphics – First Place: “Folding In,” Linda Janosko
Graphics –  Second Place: “Magic Lamp,” Kaitlyn Kirchmeir
Graphics – Third Place: “Emotionless,” Angel Kaiser

3D – First Place: “Rapunzel,” Diane Montagino
3D – Second Place: “Solid Road,” Rebecca Stowell
3D – Third Place: “Nativity,” David Gildersleeve

Fiber – First Place: “Love Knows No Barrier,” Mattie Dramis
Fiber – Second Place: COVID-19, Rosemary Humphrey

Mixed Media – First Place: “By My Window,” Dennis Mastrangelo
Mixed Media – Second Place: “Gone or Imprisoned,” Diana Montagino
Mixed Media – Third Place: “Tunnel Vision,” Julie Cook
Accepted Artists:
Mattie Dramis
“My Wounded America”
“Love of my Heart”
“Love Knows No Barriers”
Rebecca Stowell
“Solid Road”
“Orange & Blue”
Mardi Snyder
“Love Sweet Love”
Candace I. Barr
“Mask Up”
Davis Gildersleeve
“Live Edge”
“In the Meadow”
“The Nativity”
Diane Montagino
“Gone or Imprisoned”
Nancy Nelson-Brotz
Juniper Mainelis
“Pieces of Herself”
“She Who is Me”
“Riding the Waves”
Nancy Baker
“Solitary Celebration”
Susan Snipes
“Solace Beneath the Surface”
Elizabeth Ginn
“Forest Escape”
“Saturday Night”
Kaitlyn Kirchmeir
“Magic Lamp”
Sue Miller
“Swimming with the Virus”
Julie Cook
:Tunnel Vision”
“Winds of Change”
Harry N. Schwentker
Linda Janosko
“Waiting for Covid to be Over”
“Folding In”
Judy Campbell
“Artist on the Wall- Anzietta Dipierro”
“Artist on the Wall- Brant Gebhart”
” Artist on the Wall- Chris Davis”
Dennis Mastrangelo
“By My Window”
“Cooking North”
“In Dream Land”
Anzietta Di Pierro
“Monkeys 4 Good”
“Out of the Barrel”
“The 99th Monkey”
Damytrius Bucci
“Inside the Eye”
Angel Kaiser
Rosemary Humphrey
Valerie Rose Gale
“Mahakala – Enlightened Protector”
“Woman Floating in Sunset”
Ralph Bacon
“Burl Bowl”
“Blakeslee Run Falls”
“Ashtabula at Blakeslee Run”

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