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Women’s Show 2023

Women’s Show 2023

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March 13, 2023
March 13, 2023

Public reception and awards presentation on Friday, March 10, 6-8 p.m.

Juror: Dani Klein

Accepted artists & works:

Tonya Hough: Three Sunflowers, Blues Bird, Visionary
Candace Barr: Druzy Daze, Moss Agate Free Form Pendant, Green Man
Jeni Lange: Payne’s Fire, Lean On Me
Angel Breeden: The Magic of Dogs
Vicky Sheldon: The Goddess, Spirit of the North
.Erica Ledford: An Inch of Dust, Sleepless Nights, Ghost in Your Stereo
Gillian DiPofi: Harbor x 3
Joan E Chapman: Seaside
Amy Edixon: Special Time with Mommy
J Inky Lorain Cantrell: Acqua Viaggio
Mattie Dramis: Moon Rising, Gardenia
Ashley Sidley: Don’t be Square
Christine Siarka: Our Lady of the Grand Garden
Maria Piva: Faces of the City
Carol Leikala: I am my Parents’ Child, Basket 2, Dancing in the Moonlight
Micheline Guerriero: Firmly Grounded
Judy Campbell: Ashtabula Harbor View, Artist on the Wall-Artist Becca Stowell
Anna and Sam Weisend: Snail’s Pace, Growing Heart, Travelers
Kelly Koleno: Soap Pump Ceramic, Butter Dish Ceramic, Crab Vase Ceramic
Elizabeth Ginn: Northwest Coast at Dawn, Toad Study, The Elegant Black Widow
Nancy Nelson-Brotz: Jellyfish, Figure Study, Hutton Farm
Beverly Rose Joyce: Man Fishing on Bridge, Valley Sunrise
Lisa Ruschman: Indigo Bunting, Northern Black Throated Green Warbler, Northern Black Throated Blue Warbler
Julene Schwartz: The Kilimanjaro Ivory Trade

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March 13, 2023
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All day
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