Theater group takes storytelling into their own hands during COVID shutdown

Looking for a good story? Check out Quarantine Radio 19, created by a crew of actors and production staff (Jordan Malin, Kimberly Weston, Stephanie Figer, Benjamin Gates, Sadie Portman, Anneli Curnock) – most of whom met at the AAC!

Production crew of Radio Quarantine 19

“I had posted on Facebook asking if anyone in senior living facilities, or just those living alone, would want to be entertained,” says Jordan Malin, the group’s organizer. “I honestly had no idea so many of my theater friends — past and present — would want to be involved. Since so many of us involved in the arts are out of work right now, we are also getting an opportunity to create, express. It gives us time to escape for a while, and we hope it does the same for those listening.”

Quarantine Radio 19’s Facebook page can be found here.