Casting call for student film roles

This is a project that may be of interest to our some of our young actors. We were contacted by Bobby Housel, a student of film and business at the University of Michigan, who is casting two roles in a short student film:
“Some fellow college screenwriting students and I have put together a project for a script we’ve written, entitled ‘Rabbit.’ We are looking to cast two boys to play characters around the 10-15 age range. Rabbit is a roughly 10 minute short film, a coming of age story about a young boy who goes on an adventure through the forest with his (imaginary) friend. There will be two days of shooting on a weekend sometime in Mid-December.
If you/your son/any young boy you know is interested in auditioning/learning more about one of the two parts we’re casting, please let me know, and I’ll set up a time for my co-producer and I to meet with you and your parent(s) over Zoom. Note that previous acting experience is preferred, but not required by any means. This is a great experience for young actors looking to be involved with a high production project and get into the film/tv acting world, as well as develop their portfolio and acting reel.
It should be noted that all relevant Covid Masking and Social Distancing guidelines will be followed in the creation of this project.
Anyone who is interested or has any questions is encouraged to reach out to me at 440-221-8710 or at
Also, if interested, a sample of my most recent work can be found at “