“Forms in Nature” Photography Show

“Forms in Nature” Photography Show

Below are the artists and pieces accepted into “Forms in Nature,” on display in our gallery throughout February.

Carol Leikala

  1. Eye Spy
  2. Faded Glory
  3. In the Still of the Morning
  4. Orchid Promise
  5. Time after Time

David Yates

  1. Sharp
  2. Ready To Dance
  3. No Rush
  4. Abstract Shapes
  5. Luminous

Nanette Patrick

  1. Eastern Amberwing
  2. Glossy Ibis
  3. Frozen Lake Erie
  4. Waiting for Mom
  5. Pondering

Jamie Goldstein

  1. Lily Pad
  2. Lake Erie at Gordon Park
  3. Pollinator

Melanie Lyttle

  1. Rainy Spring
  2. Berry Landing Location
  3. Sunny Sitting Spot
  4. Close Up Stop
  5. Fly Landing Pad

Rich McBride

  1. Dipped in Diamonds
  2. Lake Erie Volcano
  3. Help I Lost My Swimming Trunk
  4. Buzz Saw Snowflake

Richard Bailey

  1. Snow Leopard
  2. Pacific Coast I
  3. Purple Orchids
  4. Red Leaf
  5. Tiger Lily

Laura McNally Levine

  1. Waiting for Dinner
  2. Rose
  3. Owl
  4. Stone Arch
  5. Cactus

Arin Altmare

  1. Crazies
  2. Fallen Redwood
  3. Maroon Bells

Dwight Boyer

  1. Christmas Sunset 2019
  2. Male Cardinal
  3. River Crossing
  4. Snowy Owl
  5. Red Fox

Lisa Burroughs

  1. Red and Black Series

Harry Schwentker

  1. Mt Fuji


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