Technical Director job opening

The Ashtabula Arts Center is seeking a full-time Technical Director. The Technical Director is responsible for the technical operations of all productions, including lighting, sound, set construction, projection, rigging, and ordering materials, as well as keeping inventory and maintaining technical equipment & set shop. The Technical Director ensures all technical aspects of productions work smoothly and safely, and collaborates with the Director of Theater & Music, show directors, and stage managers.

Annually, the Ashtabula Arts Center produces 5 theater shows and 2 dance productions on our indoor traditional proscenium stage, 3-4 shows on our outdoor thrust stage, and multiple indoor and outdoor music events.

The Technical Director works under the Director of Theater and Music and the Executive Director.

Salary: $34,000-$35,500 a year

Job Type: full-time, year-round

Health benefits available

Full Job Description

Operates, maintains and safeguards the technical assets of the theatre, including supervising the use of lighting, sound, rigging, and the use and maintenance of stage facilities/set shop equipment

Responsible for special effects such as rain/water, fog/smoke, projections

Attends all production meetings ready to discuss in detail plans and status of show builds/requirements; renders concept sketches

Collaborates with show director on set and stage construction — must have a knowledge of tools and equipment needed. Responsible for purchasing construction materials, supervising the building of scenery, transporting set pieces from the shop to the theatre stage, mounting the scenery onstage, overseeing the work of the scenic crews during rehearsals and performances, and maintaining the shop’s equipment and supplies.

Responsible for recruiting, training, and assignment of volunteer technical staff for individual shows, including orienting them on safety. Determine what items they will be assigned to and supervise their progress.

Monitors the condition of equipment including lighting, sound, and tools; arranges for the repair and replacement within budgetary constraints; performs preventive maintenance on equipment. Make recommendations for future technical purchases. Stay abreast of the changing market, technology, and equipment.

Consults with the Director of Theater and Music and Executive Director on the preparation and control of production budgets, yearly budgets

Sets tech week rehearsal schedule with directors/stage managers, and is present to supervise and assist during tech week

Responsible for production strike and storage of set pieces/props

Cleaning, organizing and maintaining light and sound booths, backstage areas, storage areas, outside loading areas, props

Must be able to work safely around power tools, on ladders and lifts, and around electricity. May spend most of the day on feet or kneeling, crouching, reaching and lifting heavy items.

Educational Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree in Technical Theater is strongly preferred, but consideration will be given for equivalent experience.

Additional Requirements:

Good communication and collaboration skills

Comfortable working with and supervising volunteers

Committed to following proper safety protocols

Passionate about performing arts and invested in creating a positive experience for audiences, casts, and production teams

Experience using different tools and materials, including re-purposed materials, to build temporary sets for theatrical purposes

Work Conditions:

Position requires evenings, weekends, and extended hours

May be subject to dimly-lit areas & loud volumes.

Physical Requirements:

The position requires an extensive amount of time spent standing, sitting and walking.

The employee must regularly be able to lift and/or move up to 50+ pounds.

Must be able to use ladders.

To Apply:

Email a resume and cover letter to Meeghan Humphrey, Executive Director, at with subject line Technical Director. If you have a digital portfolio or website, please include it as well. No calls or Facebook messages.