Fees and Registration

Fees and Registration

Payment is expected at the time of registration unless otherwise noted, and can be made by cash, check, or credit card (a $2 service fee will be applied to all payments made by phone). Members receive a discounted rate. Materials fees, model fees, and some other fees are excluded from this discount.

Registration is required. A minimum number of students is needed to hold a class. When necessary, a class start date may be postponed a week or a class may be cancelled 24 hours prior to the starting time. Classes and lessons are open to all, regardless of race, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Refund Policy
If a class is cancelled, appropriate refunds will be given. Persons desiring to withdraw from a class, who do so at least 24 hours before the start time of the class, will receive a full refund. If you drop a class after this deadline, but before the second meeting of the class, you will receive a refund for 75% of your tuition. There will be no refunds after the second class meeting.

Dance Class Fees

  • 1 CLASS: $90 class fee/$81 member rate
  • 2 CLASSES: $180 class fee/$162 member rate
  • 3 CLASSES: $270 class fee/$243 member rate
  • 4 CLASSES: $342 class fee/$307 member rate
  • 5 CLASSES: $427 class fee/$384 member rate
  • 6 CLASSES: $513 class fee/$461 member rate
  • 7 CLASSES: $598 class fee/$538 member rate

Private Dance Lessons: $15 per half hour or $25 per hour. Contact Shelagh Dubsky, Director of Dance.

Community Division for Recreational Dancers:  Anyone is welcome to select classes at the beginning and intermediate levels. We offer classes exclusively for children ages 4 -10 which explore the world of dance through movement, music, rhythm, and self-expression. Pre-Ballet and Ballet I students begin learning the fundamentals of ballet.

Student and Pre-Professional Student Division:  Consistent attendance is required as students gain an understanding of ballet technique. Other dance styles are also introduced to further enhance the student’s experience with dance as an art form. Dancers in this division are required to take the number of classes designated by their level in order to develop the strength, coordination, and artistry that is required to produce a well-rounded dancer. Students are welcome to sign up for any additional classes they wish to take outside of their level requirements.

  • BALLET II: Two ballet technique classes per week are required.
  • BALLET III: Three ballet technique classes per week are required plus Beginning/Intermediate Modern.
  • BALLET III STUDENTS ON POINTE: Classes listed above plus Beginning Pointe are required.
  • BALLET IV: Four ballet technique classes per week, Beginning/Intermediate Pop Funk Jazz, & Intermediate/Advanced Pointe are required.