“Perspectives,” September 3-29

“I’m an artist from Northeast Ohio. Art has always been my passion and gateway to unsaid thoughts. My mind speaks on paper, and I visually communicate with my ideas. I work with mostly acrylic and watercolor. I don’t have a specific theme I express; I create all kinds of work such as portraits, animals, vibrant landscapes, and emotional figures. Even though I like to focus internally, I am fascinated by everything that surrounds me: abstract elements, the subconscious mind, music, and nature. My artwork has the predilection of having organic elements because nature is the basic design of everything we see and originated from. There are many ‘selfs’ in my art, meaning that individual parts of me, and different interests of my life come together as a visual representation. The ego is a dynamic thing redefining itself every moment — most people just aren’t aware it exists.”

— Tessa LeBaron