“Look Closely”

  • Photorealist drawings by Brenden Daugherty
  • On display February 4 – February 28
  • An art opening reception will be held Friday, February 6, from 6 – 8 p.m.

Brenden’s style is known as hyperrealism or photorealism. Working primarily with graphite and charcoal, he spends long hours producing a work that looks exactly like his reference photo. His works portray a deep sense of emotion and meaning, which strike a chord of recognition in the hearts of viewers.

Brenden’s work has been featured in multiple art galleries, and most recently he has been recognized as a winner of the “Strokes of Genius 7” competition by Drawing Magazine for his work “Diggs.”

“I enjoy playing with intriguing lighting and composition to draw my audience in… Although my art is the result of long hours of micromanaging the details, I spend an equal amount of time building a sense of emotional dimension.”

—Brenden Daugherty