Accepted work for “Artists for the Earth” exhibit

Congratulations to the artists accepted to the Ashtabula Arts Center 2022 Artists for the Earth.  Your talent is amazing, and we thank you for sharing your artwork with us.  Thank you for helping us to continue to showcase artists and their artworks during the pandemic.

The show will be jurored for awards on January 6; winners will be posted on our website & Facebook.

Due to the high level of COVID transmission in our area, we have decided to host an open house rather than a reception on January 21. Hours will be 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m.

Pick up for this show will be January 31 and February 1. Artists participating in our February show, Unity in Diversity, can drop off artwork January 28, 29, and 31.


Linda Janosko:

“Of Earth and Sky”


“What Are We Doing”

Ralph Bacon

“Ohio Bog”

“Ashtabula River Below Rt 11”

Juniper Mainelis:

“Lovingly Holding the Earth”

“Nature is Watching”

“The Tree of Life”

Mike Watkins:

“Last Green Field”



Nancy Nelson-Brotz:

“Hurricane Katrina”

“Hurricane Michael”

“Neath the Black, the Sky Looks Dead”

Matt Vosburg:

“Global Warming Hostage”

Jim Loomis:

“Save What You Can #1”

“Save What You Can #2”

“Save What You Can #3”

Mardi Snyder:

“Today and Tomorrow Wind Power”

“Earth Beat Two-Sun Setting”

Judy Campbell:

“Time of Lightness”

“Time of Darkness”

Anzietta DiPierro:

“Shell 1”

“Shell 2”

“Shell 3”

Brant Gephart:

“Changing Vision”


“Captive Garden”

“Bum Boat Act II Scene 2”

Chris Herakovic:

“Mother Reclaims the Decay”

Becca Stowell:


Lisa Ruschman:

“Oil Spill 1”

“Oil Spill 2”