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“Freestyle Quilts” February 4-28

In this unique exhibit, freestyle/repurposed quilting artist Peachie Chatman uses an eclectic variety of fabrics, striking textures and colors, and no patterns at all in the creation of her quilts.

“I grew up in a family of quilters: my mother, who used patterns only and purchased fabric, and my grandmother, who grew up in the Depression era and recycled everything, using wool coats, jeans, skirts, and drapes to make the quilts. Both would give the quilts to anyone that needed them. I started to make quilts in my early twenties and developed my own style from day one. I did not enjoy being restricted by a pattern or limited to using only certain types of fabric. I consider myself a freestyle/repurposed quilting artist, using any fabric or clothing with interesting textures and colors. The quilt is not meant to be perfect, but a piece of art that reflects my state of mind at the time.

“A quilt should bring joy to its maker, and even more joy to the receiver.”

–Peachie Chatman


Ashtabula Arts Center