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“Discovering Romania” – Jan. 7-31

Mother and daughter Stela and Mihaela Burtea share treasures sewn by hand and embroidered by loom, capturing their connection to the art and traditions of Romania.

Stela Burtea was born and lives in Romania. She is a retired lab technician who spends most of her free time, especially in winter, immersed in her needlepoint sewing hobby. Known as “Gobelin,” pronounced “goblen,” these needlepoint pictures are sewn on canvas using embroidery thread, a slanted stitch, and following a diagram of symbols each corresponding to a different color. The picture itself is not printed on the canvas. These pictures stand out because of the number of stitches/square inch, 254 stitches/square inch to be exact. The canvas and diagram are divided in sections of one centimeter, or one hundred stitches each. Needlepoint is not her only hobby; she knits, crochets, tends to her gorgeous flowers, and is an awesome cook.

Born and raised in Romania, Mihaela Burtea came to the United States in 1994. Twenty-two years of travel back and forth between the two homes have generated a wide collection of traditional Romanian pottery, wood crafted objects, painted eggs, and fine porcelain. Hand-sewn and embroidered blouses, loom-woven wall hangings, and blankets handed down by both grandmothers will take you on a journey to a fascinating land.

An Artist’s Reception will be held at the arts center on Friday, January 15, 6-8 p.m.



Ashtabula Arts Center