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Lakeshore Artists 2017 Show

On display in our gallery this month is the annual Lakeshore Artists exhibit. Lakeshore Artists is a local group that welcomes anyone with an interest in creative visual arts; their mission is to encourage participation in the visual arts as a community endeavor via education, exhibits, and participation in civic events in the area. Members exhibit works locally and participate in regional shows. There will be a reception tonight, Friday, May 12 from 6-8 p.m. in the Arts Center gallery, free and open to the public.

Judging this year’s show was Jim Engelmann, an Exhibition Designer with the Cleveland Museum of Art and a practicing painter, draftsman, and photographer who teaches design in the Kent State University School of Digital Sciences. Engelmann commented on his approach to judging, the show, and his selections for winners:

“A work of art is like a poem. It has story, surprise, some kind of rhythm, and it’s not too long. But a good work of art sticks in your craw. Spend 10 seconds looking at the thing. When you walk away, do you want to come back? And if you do, is it better than you remember? Maybe you don’t even like it, but want to see it again anyway.

“There are a lot of reasons a piece might bring you back. I’m drawn to humor and mystery with equal doses of irreverence and tranquility. This is my personal taste, but my taste is not very important. What is important is authentic art that strives to respond to the artists’ lives and experience. Any art that does that is good art – no matter what some judge says about it.”

Categories and winners for the Lakeshore Artists 2017 show:

Still Life
1st place: Mardi Snyder, “Sundae at Noon”
2nd place: Harry N. Schwentker, “Hungry?”
3rd place: Jennifer Brown, “Window”
Honorable Mention: Jeanne Maleckar, “A Rose is a Rose”

1st place & Best of Show: Janie Altrogge, “Fawn”
2nd place: Anzietta DiPierro, “Raven Saints”
3rd place: Isaac Coblentz, “Mushroom Hat”
Honorable Mention: Liz Coblentz, “Summer at the Lake”

1st place: Taylor White, “Collide”
2nd place: Chris Raab, “Help Me”
3rd place: Christine A. Vandervoort, “Stitches in Time 1940-2017”
Honorable Mention: Susan Gendrich, “Limbo”

1st place: Susan Gendrich, “Yowsa”
2nd place: Adyson White, “Cuppycake”
3rd place: Patricia G. Brunsman, “Muscle Man 1947”
Honorable Mention: Aimee Sarell, “Innocence”

1st place: Doris Jones, “3 Trees”
2nd place: Will West, “Blowing in the Wind”
3rd place: Ann Pauley, “Over the Hill and Far Away”
Honorable Mention: Clarece Jones, “Church in the Vineyard”

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