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Dance Class Policies

Dance Class Policies

Class Placement
Class placement is determined by experience, maturity, and ability rather than age. More than one year is often needed in any given level. Our main concern is to provide each student with the training necessary for their stage of development. If a change to another level is appropriate, you or the student will be notified. Parents are welcome to request a conference concerning a child’s progress.

Observing Classes
Especially in the case of younger students, parents and friends are asked not to observe classes except when invited. Children are often shy and distracted when they have an audience. Family and friends will be invited to observe the last class of the term. If parents have concerns about a child’s progress, a special observation day may be arranged.

Class Attire
Females should wear pink tights and a solid-colored leotard. Pink ballet slippers should be worn for technique classes. Males should wear white or black tights and shoes and white t-shirts. Hair should be neatly groomed away from the face.
Jazz: Loose clothing such as leotards, footless tights, running pants, t-shirts, etc.
Tap: Tap shoes required.


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